Stop, Redirect, Reinforce

Hello, overreaction! I constantly find myself exhausted, in the middle of a battle, thinking that I never should have engaged. When I remember one of the most basic parenting strategies, I can usually avoid power struggle catastrophes that leave everyone unhappy and battle-sore. It’s called STOP, REDIRECT, REINFORCE. This is ground-level strategy for babies and toddlers who don’t understand cause and effect consequences, but can … Continue reading Stop, Redirect, Reinforce

Oh My Lie

What is the likelihood your kids will tell the truth when they know you are going to blow your top or spank them when they do? Next time you ask “Who broke…?” “Who spilled…?” “Who took…?” ask yourself a question: “Could any self-preserving person dare to answer me honestly?” Pain versus honesty is a hard choice for little kiddos to reason through. But…it they know … Continue reading Oh My Lie