This me, Alison. This is on a good day. I showered.



These are the Littles I get to mother. This is also on a good day. Really.


Why a blog? It was a happy day when I realized that I just have to be amazing once a day. Just once! That’s it! I need to stay sane the whole day (even at bedtime!), but if I can create a “Polaroid Moment” every single day of my mothering with A grade nurturing and fun, it is enough. I am enough. We stay close, we keep focused, and we keep making progress.

This site is focused on reminding me, and anyone else who wants to come along for the ride, to create and celebrate amazing moments that create meaningful motherhood. It won’t be an amazing blog, but it will be about being an amazing mom in simple ways! No fancy photography, custom cupcakes, or involved projects. You’ll see dishes in the sink and read ideas so simple they are hardly worth publishing. But hopefully, the small and simple things will help your family like they’ve helped mine.

Leave a comment and tell me about your Once a Day Amazing mothering moment, or use #homewithme to post the simple and amazing ways you parent.