Once a Day Amazing!


Timelapse photography of my motherdays. The speed feels accurate. Here. There. Back again. Shoes, School, Piano. Shoes, Van, Basketball. Shoes, Homework, Bed.

And then…a moment. A sigh. A laugh. A cry. A drop into a deep well that will echo past my passing; a snapshot of the kind of life I wanted all along. In this moment, we are truly amazing.

All Day Sane. Once a Day Amazing.

  1.  Don’t overthink this. Being amazing can be as simple as tickling toes or dancing to radio tunes. You don’t need to make paper mâché solar systems or fondant cupcakes that look like your child. Just keep it simple and have fun.
  2.  Be fully present. Put down your phone, clear your mind of all you need to do, and let yourself play.
  3. No correction, criticism, or helpful motherly advice. You’ll have plenty of time to nag your children later. This is time to enjoy your Littles, so unless the house will burn down or someone will end up in the ER, refrain from correcting your kids while you are being amazing. No “Make sure not to get glue on the table,” “I’m cold. Go back in and put on a sweater,” or “You’ll shoot your eye out.” Later. Later. Later.
  4. Don’t miss a day. Even when you are tired, overworked, stressed-out, or depressed, take time to have one amazing parenting moment every single day. It might just be 5 minutes, but habit is the key.

Here are some simple ways you can be amazing…at least once a day!!

Clapping Games - All you need are your hands and a little memory! Most of us have used Patty Cake with babies, but much older kids can also enjoy the more complicated songs. Some of these songs have been around for hundreds of years, and others are recent nonsense fun. Teach your kids a clapping game, and be amazing today! … Read more Clapping Games
Individual Handshakes - Some simple hand action can go a long way to help your kids feel loved!  I struggle sometimes with lumping my kids all together in our experiences. It can be hard to maintain those important individual relationships with lots of kids! When I saw this video of Barry White, Jr. welcoming his students to class … Read more Individual Handshakes
Dandelion Curls - I’ve said it before, but some of these ideas seem too simple to even post. But aren’t those simple things usually your kid’s favorites? I totally loved making dandelion curls when I was little, and my kids love it still. Many of us have dandelions this time of year. My sister once had a door-to-door … Read more Dandelion Curls
Music Critic’s Club - Bossy or a pushover? It seems like kids fall into one camp or the other. One of the most important skills of childhood is learning to express thoughts and feelings openly and appropriately. Enter the Music Critic’s Club! Kids will just think they are having fun, but they are also learning a great skill: to … Read more Music Critic’s Club
Spy Cookie Capers - My husband is masterful at inventing creative dates. Before we were married, he once told me to be dressed all in black when he picked me up. We went to his apartment, made cookies, donned black knit caps, and went out on “capers” as he called them. In the cover of the dark night, we … Read more Spy Cookie Capers
Car Soap Bubbles - Need to be amazing on the go today? Grab a bottle of bubbles on your way out the door! Your air conditioner or heater makes the best bubble blower. Put the bubble solution in your cup holder, dip the wand, hold it near the vent, and watch the backseat fill up with fun! As I … Read more Car Soap Bubbles
RC Obstacle Course - 10 minutes/elementary/ Most of us have an RC vehicle lying around from some past Christmas or birthday. It seems like they get played with for a few days and then it gets a little old. Jazz it up today by making an RC obstacle course with your littles! You could build fancy structures to go … Read more RC Obstacle Course
Dress-ups! - 10 minutes/toddlers/elementary Don’t have much time to be amazing today? Pull out the Halloween bin! If your kids are like mine, they plan their costumes for months. (Maybe their mom does, too…). If you don’t keep costumes around, maybe they can dress up in YOUR clothes! Snap some pics, tell them they are adorable, and … Read more Dress-ups!
Peanut Butter Play Dough - 10 minutes/babies and toddlers/elementary/ When one of my teenagers was little, his favorite game to play with me was to pretend he was a lost puppy. I would find him lonely on the beach, ask if he had a family, and take him home with me. (Don’t even try to psychoanalyze that one. I don’t think … Read more Peanut Butter Play Dough
Sardines - Whole Family/Under 10 minutes/ How we love to play Sardines! Grab flashlights for the weak-hearted, turn off the lights, and have a great time before bed with this reverse game of hide and seek. We had a great time playing tonight, except for our spoiler kitties. They kept stalking the hiders and alerting everyone to … Read more Sardines